MINET Glossary of Measuring Man – 3 Devices for Measurement + 4 Properties of measuring devices

3 Devices for Measurement

MINET Glossary




Measuring instrument device used for making measurements, alone or in conjunction with one or more supplementary devices (3.1 VIM)
Measuring system set of one or more measuring instruments and often other devices, including any reagent and supply, assembled and adapted to give information used to generate measured quantity values within specified intervals for quantities of specified kinds (3.2 VIM)

Measuring system empirical system able to interact with the entity to be assessed and to generate, as a result of that interaction, values of the Quality characteristic intended to be assessed. measurement_system

Sensor element of a measuring system that is directly affected by a phenomenon, body, or substance carrying a quantity to be measured. (3.8 VIM) LRP: One might add “… or a Quality characteristic intended to be assessed.”
Detector device or substance that indicates the presence of a phenomenon, body, or substance when a threshold value of an associatedĀ quantity is exceeded (3.9 VIM) NOTE 2 In chemistry, the term “indicator” is frequently used for this concept. (VIM)

MINET Glossary

4 Properties of measuring devices


Generic metrology



quantity value provided by a measuring instrument

or a measuring system (4.1 VIM)

Resolution smallest change in a quantity being measured that causes a perceptible change in the corresponding indication (4.14 VIM)

[1] Numbering of concepts is based on (VIM) where appropriate

MINET Glossary


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